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Sticky Post is sticky

I figured that after 100 posts of complete randomness, craziness, flail, madness, whatever an intro and friending post is nearly obligatory…
Let’s start with the usual: Leave a comment here to be added ♥
…and if I’ve never seen you around or talked to you, a little intro from your side would be highly appreciated ^.^v

Friending Policy
I love to make new friends but I don’t friend back random strangers who never have talked to me – I’m totally fine if someone just adds me to follow my posts – nearly nothing is f-locked - if you wanna be friends we should at least have something in common or talked with each other – I don’t bite… usually ^^ 

I’m a fandom absorbed person – wanna get a little foretaste?Collapse )

And in the end everything is beautiful and nothing hurts ♥
Christ almighty, this layout sucks!

I mean, look at it, next to nothing's working at this point... after about 3 years since my last post orz

Don't ask me why I signed in just now, it's just that I was kinda curious if there's still "life" out here and well, nostalgia.

I met so many great people here, so it's kinda sad, that I don't feel like there's still a point for me to have a lj anymore... apart from the fact that regular postings actually improved my English writing skills, which now, as you can probably see, vanished into thin air - I'm not used to write more than 140 characters at a time anymore ^^